About Us

Since 2006 We have been Making and Baking Pizza for Hungry Festival Crowds around the UK. So many festivals, muddy fields, grassy sunlit uplands, every kind of music, all kinds of people, all welcome at our little Pizza tent. Its been an amazing adventure and we hope to be back there very soon, sharing the love.
Our Wood Fired Oven bakes the Tastiest Pizza with our own recipe Sourdough base. We Love to use Homemade and Homegrown Ingredients, from our Garden, from the Hedgerows.  Homemade Pestos, Pickles and Chutneys all feature as Pizza Toppings.
Our Festival Year starts in January, carefully stacking Oak and Ash firewood to dry, ready for the summer. February is vehicle time, mot and mechanical fixes, equipment testing. March finds us out in the woods around where we live, foraging Wild Garlic to make our Pesto. Chilli and Herb Oils are prepared, herbs and spice mixes carefully blended. Its exciting that first visit to our local Flour Mill, heaving the heavy sacks of freshly milled Organic Strong White and making the new season Sour Dough Mix: The Mother. April: And we are sprucing up our oven and van, cleaning and repainting, all bright colours, hopefully an overture, a good omen to sunfilled days in happy fields. And the first summer festival, first night under canvas, greeting old friends not seen for many months. The planning, the anxious list making and checking...oh those lists...have we forgotten anything? Too late. A blur of festival experiences, every kind of weather, amazing helpers, some testing times but mainly a lot of laughter. And lots of pizza. Long busy days, we love it. So many people, so much music, lights and throbbing bass, happy party people our customers. By mid autumn its all over, festival time done for another year but the work doesnt stop: cleaning and packing away, storage time and time for gathering more bounty, chutneys and pickles to be made, carefully stored for next season. The evenings draw in, indoor fire time, and time for feet up, workload eased, recipe ideas to try, festival pitches to pursue, applications in. A brief pause before it all starts again.
Our Wood Burning Oven is housed in a 6m Hexagonal Popup tent, with a low serving counter the space is designed to be open and accessible so that our customers can watch their pizza being made. We love what we do, are passionate about baking and using beautiful inspiring ingredients, and always happy to talk all things pizza.

Previous FESTIVALS: Glastonbury, Wychwood, Big Session, Summer Sundae, Cambridge Folk, Wickham, WeRFSTVL, Parklife, Rewind, Priddy, Upton Blues, Secret Garden Party, Croissant Neuf Summer Party, Stratford River Festival, Bromyard Folk, Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Bunkfest, Shepley Spring Festival, Gate to Southwell, Leamington Peace Festival, Warwick Folk, Nozstock, Eastern Haze, Foodies Festivals, Togfest, Daxtonbury, Towersey, Godiva, Battle Proms, Folk by the Oak, Bristol Vegan Festival, Plymouth Volksfest, 2000 Trees, Fieldview, Edale, Hogsozzle, Green Gathering, Edale Folk, Upton Jazz, RedFest, Gaunts House, VanWest and many more.....